November 3-5 2021 the seventh HealthPros event was organized in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Finally we were able to meet face-to-face again, and although not all of us could be there, so some joined online, it was very nice to be able to interact again!

As we are in the final year of the project, we discussed the best way to make use of this final meeting and we decided to ask the fellow to indicate what they would most like to receive feedback on. So some fellows that are close to defending their thesis provided a thesis outline, others decided to discuss a specific article they were currently working on and wanted feedback on. We decided on two (PI) reviewers per fellow and the fellows send them materials a week before the meeting. At the meeting the fellows first shortly presented their thesis outline/current work, followed by a thorough discussion and feedback from the reveiwers.

Both the fellows and the reviewers prepared really well and the discussions were perceived as very thorough and useful.

All in all, a very constructive last meeting, supplemented by two very nice dinners which really enhanced the feeling of being one group working together on a common goal!