The HealthPros fellows benefit from a unique concept of the HealthPros network: the Immersion Community. The HealthPros Consortium maintains close ties to a wide range of organizations in academia, industry, pharma, governance, and purchasing (social health insurance, regional government). Immersion Community Members will closely interact with the fellows to present their company profiles, discuss with the fellows how they can complement and contribute to the company’s work, how they will offer work visits, taking part in job speed-dates with fellows, and  provide the main theme, as well as taking part in facilitated ‘Health Business Games’ with Fellows to train them in understanding the different perspectives, politics and change processes of different sectors and companies.

More information will follow on the participating Immersion Community Members.

Want to join the Immersion Community?

If you are a healthcare stakeholder that would like to be part of the HealthPros Immersion Community, please contact the Project Manager Laurian Jongejan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).